Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh artwork…

I am becoming addicted to shopping for artwork…and to buying it. Admittedly, I shop more than I buy.

But I buy.

Previously, I had mentioned eyeing these artworks. The Tyson Anthony Roberts and Martha Rich works were in my cart.

The Gardens by Tyson Anthony Roberts

But I haven’t bought them yet. (The night I planned to, I had a shopping cart issue and took it as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be…just yet anyway.)

What I did just buy, though, are these two gems.

La Grande Roue de Paris, 20x200 artist fund


Partners by Ryan Schneider 20x200

Partners, by Ryan Schneider

I bought them both in the 8x10 size (or whatever is closest) for just $24 a piece! And used my latest deal. Thank you, for feeding this addiction.

And, the good news is, if you feel the need to buy some art, you can use this link to get 20% off! Expires July 13!  You know that I love artwork and a deal put together!! :)


  1. I really like all 4 of those prints! (Especially the cake one, of course!) How cute would that be in your kitchen though!

    1. Oh trust me! I love the cake one, too! It's still in the ol' shopping cart. I mean, it'd even be cute out of the kitchen so you could be reminded of cakes at all times!
      (PS - when I reply to your comment like this, do you get an email saying that I did?)


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