Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lake County Fair: (Some of) My Past Glories

Over the weekend I submitted my entries to this year’s county fair.

a cool old brochure from the Lake County Fair

(I found this cool old Lake County Fair program in one of my dad’s photo/scrapbook albums.)

I’ve been entering items for competition in the Family Arts and Crafts (and Agriculture) department every year for many many years now. I’ve entered cakes, crafts, vegetables, and even scarecrows, as seen below!, though usually I enter sewing projects.

I thought I’d share a few of my past glories of the Lake County Fair. :)

Here’s my dad, my friends Janis and Marissa, me, and our various award-winning projects, in 2000. :)  The dress I’m hanging on to was my very favorite prom dress, hand made and hand embroidered with Japanese characters (drawn on by our Japanese exchange student!) that won a Sweepstakes ribbon, which is best in category.  That year may have been the one with the most entries I’ve ever submitted.

Lake County Fair 2000

Here’s a page from my dad’s scrapbook/album.

2000 Lake County Fair out of Dad's album

(I love the bovine posteriors photo so much, I blew it up for my living room.) ;)

In 2001, I won another Sweepstakes for a colorful skirt/top outfit, which my dad again documented one of his albums. :)

A sweepstakes rosette in 2001

And let’s skip ahead to the high point of my Lake County Fair career. :) In 2008, I won Best in Show in the sewing department! I made this dress out of fabric from Wal-Mart. I was very surprised, because it’s no wedding dress (I entered my own in 2006), but I heard from a worker who heard from the judges that it was all my beautifully sewn binding that won me the Best in Show ribbon. :)

Best in Show at the Lake County Fair 2008

Let’s take a closer look at those glorious ribbons, shall we? ;)

Best in Show at the Lake County Fair 2008

This Thursday evening, I will find out how my entries this year placed!  I’ll definitely post about it!


  1. Once again, I am very sad to be missing the LCF this year. My Dad is going on Saturday and he asked if you entered anything this year. I said yes and he said he'd be on the lookout and that you are "quite talented" :)

    1. Love it! :) I will be missing you, too! But...do you love the amazing pic from HS of us? I'm sure that picture helps ease your pain. :)


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