Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Eye-Fi Card

When Brian and I find something we love, we are ecstatic. We become salesmen. We become propagandists. We want you to love what we love, or at least listen to why we love it so much. It becomes an obsession to us: to get the word out about what we love and why we love it.

So, I figured I'd add that propaganda into the ol' blog.

My first Thing I Love is this new Eye-Fi card that Brian got me for Christmas. I was on the fence about it. It's not cheap, and I wasn't sure how necessary it was.

Well, it turns out it's the most necessary and coolest thing on earth. If you don't know, it wirelessly transmits photos from your camera to your computer (or mobile device) as you take them!! I mean, who wants to take their SD card out of their camera and put it into the computer and download all the pictures themselves??  Pshaw!

Here is a screenshot of EyeFi wirelessly uploading pictures to my computer! I just took the picture, and this just magically shows up on my computer!!

Especially now that I'm trying this blogging thing, it is so amazing and valuable to have my pictures just show up on my computer as I take them! There are different settings for transfer that you can play with, but I haven't even gotten that far yet. My pictures are automatically showing up and I am loving it. They're imported into Picasa, I upload to Blogger, and BAM, I am done!

Here's a picture of my dog, Grounder, enjoying the sun in the yard. I took it through the window, it automatically downloaded to my computer, so I uploaded it here! I love this Eye-Fi card!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cat door

I'm just kind of showing off with this one. Well, I'm sure I'll be using this blog a lot to "kind of" show off.

I saw this cat door on Pinterest, over here. Super cute. I love its half-rounded-mousehole-ness. This is my plain cat hole. Except that it says "CAT", which makes it awesome.

This is my cat, Puppy.

"CAT" awesomeness thanks to Cricut and vinyl.

This might be the original pin.
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This blog title makes no sense.

Coming up with a blog name is hard. And silly.

But thanks to Google, I found this post, which directed me to this site, that came up with the name for me! How great is the internet?

I know you don't know me, but here's where to find me on Pinterest.

I think I just like making links.
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