Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some More 20x200 Art

I’ve got art on the brain.

(Don’t think that that Dog N Suds picture below won’t get framed in our house, because it will.)

My friend, Janis, sent this one over to me this morning and I love it. It’s Sue at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. We were in high school when Sue arrived at the Field and I was pretty ecstatic. I still have my “I Saw Sue” t-shirt.

Field Museum Sue by Colleen Plumb

Field Museum Sue by Colleen Plumb


Here’s another work I found this morning, with a sort-of Chicago connection: The Gardens by Tyson Anthony Roberts. When I saw it, I immediately was drawn to it because it reminded me of A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, which is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Gardens by Tyson Anthony Roberts
The Gardens by Tyson Anthony Roberts


And then, I read this article about it, and realized that Jen Beckman was also immediately reminded of Sunday in the Park.  :)

Lastly, just because I would love to hang this in my house; a portrait of something I love:

Chocolate Electric by Martha Rich


A painting of cake.

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