Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Musings on Weeds and POOPs

Before I tell you about my chore this weekend, I thought I’d muse a bit about weeds.

wildflower garden

I’ve got an uncle who loves to garden, study gardening, and be philosophical about gardening, and he was telling me that in one of his master gardening classes, his teacher told him that there’s really no such thing as a weed, because every plant has a place and purpose. But there are plenty of POOPs, which are…Plants Out Of Place.

Dandelions, daylilies, and Queen Anne’s Lace are pretty, but if you don’t want them mixed in with your impatiens, hydrangeas, and hostas, then they’re weeds, or really, Plants Out Of Place. But if you want those flowers mixed in with your wildflower garden or along your fence line, then they’re not out of place at all.


I love that! Plants Out Of Place.  Because as I’m trying to fill my yard with wildflowers, I know my yard looks weedy to most people.  And I do know that my wildflower meadow is filled with Plants Out Of Place. To me, those are plants that aren’t particularly floral or decorative. I plan on spending the next few years removing some of those POOPs so I can be sure my wildflowers can get the best chance for survival and beauty.  But as I do it, I tell myself, they’re not weeds.

I also know that I love blackberries, and most people consider them weeds. But because I want them in my yard, they’re not weeds or POOPs, because to me, they’re in the right place. ;)

blackberries in my hostas

And as I was “weeding” this weekend, (that is, removing POOPs), I was being very philosophical about my chore.  I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow, but I am going to try to stop calling plants “weeds” because one woman’s weed is another woman’s wildflower.  And I’ll begin calling them POOPs, because although it may sound sillier, it’s so much more appropriate! ;)

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