Friday, July 13, 2012

A Home for my Boyfriend! (at a great price!)

I found a home for my boyfriend (that is, my camera)…and it’s a great deal now, so I had to share before I even got it.

It’s supposed to be a birthday present from Brandon, but totally I emailed him about this great price and told him to buy! buy! buy!

Here’s the camera bag I’m getting:

bbp dslr sling red 

It’s a BBP DSLR Sling bag…and right now on Amazon, it’s only $49.99!

The beige-zippered version is also available on Amazon…for $69.99. I thought that was a decent price till I saw the red one. Plus I love the red!

bbp dslr sling

I decided to like this bag because it’s a sling bag which seems like it’d be convenient on a day trip around a city (you wear it on your back, but it can easily swing to the front so you can access your gear), it’s super cool looking, especially compared to more ‘traditional’ camera bags, and most importantly, it has an iPad slot (or in my case, a netbook), so I can have a spot for my computer when I’m on-the-go.  I figure I might not carry the computer with me all day, but it’s nice to know it’s got a safe spot with my camera when I’m traveling.

I also looked at this site for lots of pictures and a review.

I’ll update you when I really have this bag and use it…to tell you if I end up loving it as much as I think I will. But I had to share today because it’s such a good deal and I want you to get one!! :) :) :)

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