Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Velcro, Organization, & InvisibleHand

Oh man, did I get a good deal on some Velcro One-Wraps…the Velcro strips that you can use to organize all the cords in your life!

Velcro OneStrap to organize cords!

Look at those gorgeously tamed cords! And that’s just the beginning! I just grabbed a few things to photograph, but boy, pretty soon almost every cord in my house is going to have some Velcro around it, keeping it tidy!

Here are the straps I bought:

Velcro One-Wrap ties

I got the colorful ties at JoAnn’s when their notions were 60% off, and I had a coupon on my smartphone from their app for an extra 15% off! Each package of 10 was just over $1. They’re smaller wraps, 1/4” x 5”; supposed to be for portable electronics (think earbuds) but they work just as well on any cords (that aren’t overly long or thick that is). I got 3 packs and I was pretty excited to start Velcroing everything.

Then I realized, I wanted more One-Wraps. Okay so, I’m a bit of a hoarder…I’ll admit it. But also, when I find something that’s such a good and easy idea as this one, I want to go with it!

I found these on Amazon for a good price (and they’re bigger: 1/2” by 8”), but then my next favorite thing, my InvisibleHand extension for my internet browser, found me the same wraps at for about 1/2 the price! Woohoo! I bought 2 packs! 200 One-Wraps! I am in heaven!

InvisibleHand extension

So about the InvisibleHand extension: You install it as an add-on to your browser. It’s silent most of the time, but when you’re looking at product pages, it sees what you’re shopping for and searches the internet for a better price. Sometimes it turns up good  hits, sometimes it doesn’t.

But this time it was a gem! The link on was one that I wouldn’t have found easily on my own: it’s part of a “bundle” but you really don’t have to buy anything but the wraps. Each pack of wraps ships for $.97, so even with shipping it’s still a great price compared to anywhere else!

I love InvisibleHand since I always shop Amazon, I really don’t often think to check other websites. (Don’t worry, Amazon, you still have my loyalty and 90% of my business!) :)

Anyway, check out InvisibleHand and get yourself some Velcro One-Wraps to tame all your cords!

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