Thursday, July 23, 2015

Semi-Annual Check-in :)

There is a lot going on over here, and when I get a chance to open my computer without a baby banging on the keys (so…in a few years? Hahaha) I have a lot to say!

We’re in the process of moving back to our hometown, (a pretty unexpected life change for us – but hey, what parts of life aren’t unexpected!), so I’d like to actually post some “finished” pictures of rooms (the nursery!) and some thoughts on some of the renovations we’ve done after living with them for a while, as well as some posts about things we’re doing to get our house on the market. Oh well, the posts will come in good time. One day I’ll hopefully blog so much my fingers will fall off.

For now, I’ll cheat and just post some baby pictures I’ve been taking since Porcupine turned one…


Our move is certainly not something we were planning on – I thought I’d be in this house forever! And I was accumulating stuff with that mindset :) I’ve been reading (and listening to) and re-reading/listening to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and it is making a HUGE difference in what I’m getting rid of and how I plan to approach moving into, fixing up, and decorating our new house. I can’t wait to share the journey! (if I get the chance!)

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