I'm Victoria and I'm writing this blog!

Right now, I'm just writing to write. I underwent a bit of a blogging reboot, so I've decided not to try to classify this blog as a DIY or home blog, and I'm going to try not to worry about Pinterest-perfect anything...it's just my fun place to share what's on my mind, mostly with my friends. Please excuse any pseudonyms or guarded pictures, etc...that is just my shielding my life a little from the Internet. If you're reading this and you like it, maybe we can be friends, too!

I'm a jack-of-all-trades. I am a seamstress and a home-renovator and a mom and a music-school-manager. I am schemer and a bargain-hunter and a would-be-gardener. I'm also a lazy go-getter, if that's a thing! My boyfriend is a camera and my husband is an engineer. I'm trying to stop hoarding and I love "projects" of all sorts (that's why it's in quotes...I can turn anything into a "project," much to the dismay of my husband, who I'll call Brian. He likes to call himself Steve.) See how I'm just rambling now? Welcome to my blog.

I got the blog name Frankfully by going onto a website naming site and typing in the letter F.

Here's the old "About Me" page because I'm nostalgic and a bit of a hoarder.

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