Monday, July 2, 2012

Changing the Swing of our Refrigerator Door

Our refrigerator door opened the wrong way.  It opened the right way at our last place, but when we moved it to our new house, it didn’t any more.

We lived with it for 2 years this way, though, anyway.


It took me about 20 minutes to change the swing. I had it done before a pan of brownies was done cooking. :)

I just had to take out these placeholder screws, and move the hinges over into their place.  (Sorry for the blurry picture that is focused on my grapefruit juice instead of the screws.)  :)

2012-06-16 fridge

In no time, the freezer door was off, then the fridge door, then I was able to move the hinges to the opposite side.

2012-06-16 fridge1

Once everything was back together, I had to make sure the door would clear the table (well, I had to move the table a little bit).


And voila! Done! A fridge that opens the correct way for our kitchen!


A quick project done before our picnic.  Which led the way for another quick project that I’ll tell you about tomorrow!


  1. Was is like this at the cookout? Did I really not notice?

  2. You didn't notice because it's finally normal and natural for the kitchen! :)


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