Thursday, June 13, 2013

First World Market Shopping Trip!

As I mentioned yesterday, over the weekend, my mom and I went shopping and I went to World Market for the first time! It was so so fun :)

I was a little tired from other shopping at eating all this at Maggiano’s:


I have shopped online at World Market before, and my awesome friend Janis has gotten me some cool gifts from there, but this was my first time at the store and I loved it.

World Market

Inside the store:

World Market

Here are some things I loved…  (sorry for blurry photos! I got a new phone and I’m getting the hang of using its camera.)

All the knobs!

knobs! at World Market

The Anthropologie-esque blankets:

blankets at World Market

Chalkboard jars! (And just lots of jars in general) :)

chalkboard label jars

These cool chalkboard labels that seem like they could be used for all kinds of fun…and could be easy to DIY:

chalkboard labels

This seems boring, but I loved their fun colored swag kit/cords for hanging/paper lanterns! Why not have fun cords to go with your fun shades?

light swag cord kit at World Market

I realized that place card holders would be an excellent addition to my “party box” to use for labeling dishes and appetizers:

place card holders at World Market

And I enjoyed their variety of organizational trolleys. I don’t know where I’d put them yet but they seem like they’d be so so cool in a craft room…or really anywhere.

organizational trolleys at World Market

Of course there was much more, but these were my personal highlights. I feel like I am the last person who hadn’t yet been to World Market. Is that true? Do you love it there, too? What are your favorite random things there?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HomeGoods Shopping

My mom and I had a pretty fun and hilarious day together over the weekend that involved a trip to HomeGoods, a few different Marshalls stores, a nice meal at Maggiano’s, and my first ever trip to World Market. :)

Here are some of the HomeGoods/Marshalls highlights:

We loved all these patterned accent chairs, especially the blue ones :) If only I had a place for them.

awesome patterned accent chairs

They had a pretty good selection of knobs this time…I especially loved these “mercury glass” ones. I don’t have a “need” for them now…but if they had been on clearance, I would have bought all of them! (If someone else wouldn’t have beat me to it, that is!)


I thought this 2-tier tray in the garden department would make a great addition to a craft room…or anywhere you want some cool looking storage/organization.

2-tier tray

I love to look at their throw quilts/blankets, though I usually don’t consider buying them because I could make them myself.  Since I’m really trying to get the living room “done”, though, some of these really tempted me!


I did end up taking home this blue ceramic goldfish (blue goldfish?) Not that I need another blue goldfish in my home…but it was just too perfect! I will get a better (i.e. non-phone) picture of it sometime when I get it displayed somewhere! :)

blue goldfish :)

My first World Market experience is coming up next!

Done any good shopping lately?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baby Cardinal Follow-Up

I thought you might want a little closure on my baby cardinal adventure.

I knew the parents and the babies were making themselves right at home when I checked on them the day after I posted about them last and the babies wanted me to feed them:

hungry baby cardinal

I checked on them every day, but I tried not to be too invasive. I was working so hard to keep my animals away from them, I didn’t want to be a hypocrite and bother them too much myself!

They were fine and chirpy and the parents definitely kept feeding them and doing their best to distract all of us away from the nest.   Here’s Momma Cardinal. (I’m sad I didn’t have my bigger zoom lens on to get a better picture of her.)

Momma Cardinal

Within just a few days, it was amazing to see how big the little cardinals had gotten! This picture was taken on June 2, just 2 days after the hungry picture above.

big ol' baby cardinal

Big and fluffy, right? And perched right there on the edge of the nest like a big bird! :)  And I loved how he would look at me and turn his head to follow me as I tried to see him from different angles.

This was the last day I saw him/her.  Mom and Dad are gone, too, so I hope that’s a good sign. :) There were 3 baby birds originally, but I only saw this big guy grow up. One of his siblings was dead in the nest, and I don’t know what happened to the third.  I read that cardinals leave their nests and learn to fly relatively early, so I hope he/she got out there and into the big wide world safely!

Now I can go back to doing normal things in my life and not continually fret about “my” baby cardinals. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Seven and a Half Birthday, Shadow!

Shadow gave me quite the scare last night by wandering out of our yard and not returning until sometime in the morning. Thankfully he’s back and he’s fine and hopefully he didn’t get into too much trouble while he was away.

Today on his birthday (really his adoption day), he celebrated by sleeping in one of his favorite spots…up against the drywall in our hallway.

one of Shadow's favorite napping spots

He was tired enough (probably from his escapades out in the neighborhood) to actually let me take some pictures of him.

Happy birthday, Shadow

And here’s just a picture of goofy Grounder and slow, tired Shadow. This is what it looks like a lot around here. :)

my dogs, Grounder and Shadow

Happy birthday, Shadow!

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