Thursday, August 29, 2013


I’m still here, I really am! :)

We have had a nutty couple of months. When I look back at my last posts, I can barely believe that I even posted about Puppy’s birthday! Before that, my last 2 posts were about HomeGoods and World Market shopping, but I think I had pre-planned those posts, because really on those days, we had the nuttiest storms (and there were more storms before and after that) that knocked out our power, knocked down some limbs, knocked out our air conditioner, and resulted in our needing a new roof!


Grounder hates storms, but that one made him nearly comatose.  And of course, Brian was out of town for the whole thing!

Like I said, our air conditioner got knocked out, so we lived through over a month of hot, humid Chicagoland weather, with a few days like this:

90 degrees

Meanwhile, Brian was out of town A LOT…most of the time working on this bridge in New Hampshire. (It’s the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth, for those of you dying to know.)  I joined him there a couple of times.

Memorial Bridge

We celebrated his 32nd birthday in Portsmouth just about a week after the storm.

Both of us were crazy busy at work and with the 4th of July and with family and friends.

 whirlwind of fun

Since we were having the roof replaced, we opted to have the contractor put on new soffits, fascia, and gutters, too.

getting a new roof

Brian was out of town for the majority of June and July…except for the week he stayed home because he had pneumonia. What a mess!

Once we were pretty well done with the roof and new air conditioner/furnace, we found out the pipe coming out of our well was leaking…flooding our backyard, our neighbor’s backyard, and down into his neighbor’s yard!

We decided it was better to dig a new well than to try to repair the old lines that were there.  It took us over 2 weeks to finally get someone to dig our new well, so in the meantime, we’d turn off the well whenever we weren’t using it (to prevent more flooding) which meant we were living without constant running water, and our water quality was just getting worse and worse. Ugh!

But! The new well is dug! And so far we are back up and running smoothly. (Knock on wood.) :)

digging the new well

So yeah, that’s my recap. It’s been a little hectic. :) My goal is to at least post once a week (we’ll see!) :) because I definitely have some fun (well, I think it’s fun) :) stuff to share from before all this, and of course from during all this. And we’ve got some new projects coming up. I’m hoping that pressure on myself to post less will result in actual posts, so cross-your-fingers, here’s hoping. :)

What have you been doing for the past couple of months?

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