Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Artwork for Me and for You

The worst part about Christmastime + blog is that I want to share all these great things I find, but I don’t want to spoil presents and surprises! So all I can say is that if you know me, and you want to buy something that I’m posting, you’d better contact me first so I can tell you if it’s okay or not! :)

Last night, I just went ahead and got another Jane Mount bookshelf print from 20x200.

Jane Mount Ideal Bookshelf Jen Beckman

Did I already tell you that I bought this photography-themed one a while ago?

Jane Mount Ideal Bookshelf Photography

I love books and I love paintings of books, what can I say? :)

While I’m telling you about lovely things that I have bought but not hung, I also got this awesome watercolor of London from 20x200.

Stamen Watercolor London

And I got this cat painting at a resale shop. I’m not normally a fan of animal/pet art to really hang in my house, but this one seemed pretty cool (and it looks a lot like my cat, Puppy). And with a new mat and frame, it will be perfect.

a picture that looks a lot like Puppy, my cat

I just can’t wait to hang everything (ahem, but when?) and show it all to you in action!

Then this morning, via Pinterest, I stumbled upon Katie Daisy, an awesome artist who sells her work via Etsy (as well as other places).

Isn’t her stuff great?

this is it

the great lakes

rise and shine

And for Christmas:

peace on earth

merry christmas

So beautiful, right? I am definitely ordering quite a few prints today.

Again, if you know me, don’t order anything until you get my consent. :)

Have you found anything beautiful today?

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