Monday, November 12, 2012

My New Dead Plants!

I bought these dead plants last night at Lowe’s for $.60 each! That’s right. Sixty cents. They were something like 90% off, since it’s waaay past the end of the season.

60-cent plants from Lowe's!

Of course, they’re not really dead and of course, now is a great time for planting. (It was actually pretty warm yesterday!) I bought mostly salvia/sage and waterperry speedwell (a groundcover). They’re perennials, so come spring, they should look something like this:

Image from here

But for now, they look like this:

60-cent salvia in November

And this:

60-cent salvia in November looks pretty sad

We’ll have to remember this post so I can update you in the spring!

And while I was out planting and transplanting yesterday, I came across these happy black eyed susans.  For real this time, the last of my wildflowers. And much less sad looking than the cosmos I posted the other day.

the last black eyed susans in November

the last black eyed susans in November

It’s much chillier (dare I say, cold!) today, and I’m just not ready for winter. But later this week, it’s supposed to get a little bit “warmer”, so hopefully, I’ll be able to do a little more yard work in preparation for spring!

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