Friday, November 9, 2012

Finishing the Fireplace, Part 3

The next step in the great fireplace project was to bring all the mantel parts inside for priming, painting, then installation.

I primed the base of the mantel shelf and the top side of the mantle shelf with Zinsser Smart Prime.


Then, I flipped it over, and filled the gaps/seams with some more Power Grab Molding Adhesive…I don’t know, I just started to get worried, and thought “better safe than sorry.”


Then I glued the base to the top shelf.


I let it dry for a few minutes, then crossed my fingers and flipped it over, so I could see my work!


Then I piled a bunch of books on top while the glue dried.


To install the shelf, I planned on mounting a 2”x4” to the wall, and letting this opening in the back of the mantel slip over it, sort of like a floating shelf. Of course, this opening is 1 7/8” tall, so I had to do some thinking, since a 2”x4” is only 1.5”.

But while I was finding something to add to my wall-mounted 2”x4”, I finished priming and putting a first coat of paint onto the unit.


And here is where I’m going to leave you hanging.  :) Just like I had to wait for the paint, to dry, I’m going to make you wait till tomorrow to see the finished product! ;)

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