Sunday, December 2, 2012


The holiday season always sneaks up on me. Even though I’ve been busily buying Christmas presents since Thanksgiving, I haven’t been quite in the spirit to start decorating my house (I still have pumpkins on the front porch!).  I mean, how is it December already?

It was 60 degrees out yesterday (and today), so I did put up decorations and lights on the outside of our house, because I knew I’d never get a better time.  But figuring out numbers and lengths of extension cords doesn’t exactly get you in the Christmas spirit.

Then last night, we ventured to downtown Chicago with friends (since it was so warm) and really kicked off our holiday season. :)

We stopped first at Daley Plaza for Christkindlmarket.

at Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza, Chicago

I was in love with these colorful lighted stars. I know we’ve all seen them before, but how pretty do they glow? What if these were your only holiday decorations? Gorgeous.

colorful stars at Christkindlmarket, Chicago

Then we headed over to Michigan Avenue to see the trees and eat a delicious late dinner.

lights on Michigan Avenue

It’s all enough to get anyone excited for the holidays, right?

I feel like I’m ready to start my decorating! I’ve been pinning a lot of ideas, so I think it’s time to actually bring of them to fruition.

Where are you with your holiday decorating? Have you started? Are you done? Can you believe it’s December??


  1. We had those lit paper stars when I was growing up in the Phils. My younger brother built the structure with thin bamboo sticks and I glued colored paper to form bright stars!!!! Awesome. We call them "parols". And our Christmas tree was made of a wooden pole and wires wrapped in green paper. Snow was made of beaten shredded bar soap with little water to form a meringue-like consistency. So there!!!!

    1. Mom, that is so fun about the stars! Maybe that's how I need to decorate my house in next year! Do you think you'd remember how to make the stars? And do you think you could re-create this soap-snow with me? Because it sounds like fun!

  2. Michigan Avenue all lit up... how lovely! I am definitely feeling homesick, but glad you had a lovely festive time downtown :)

    1. Janis, I was definitely thinking of you the whole time we were there!


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