Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tile Day!


Oh man! Today is tile day!!

I’m so excited. We’ve got a wet saw. We’ve got tile. I bought just about every kind of trowel that looked like it could have anything to do with our project, so we wouldn’t be smack-dab in the middle of thinsetting (is that a verb?) and realize we really needed another tool.

Grandpa’s on his way over. I’ve got the area covered with red rosin paper.


I thought I should start to get rid of the hideous gold before we tiled because I’m using high heat spray paint to cover it. (There’s a brush on, but I figured I’d get a smoother coat this way.) (And I really can not figure out how to get the doors out of/off this fireplace insert. I've googled it, I've looked at ours, I've tried brute strength. I just think ours won't come off. Maybe that feature's on the the more "upscale" versions of fireplace inserts.) :)

So it’s looking a little messy now, but there’s no more gold! I ended up really spraying the whole thing (there was also leftover paint and gunk on the fireplace from the wall we took down that I couldn’t scrape off, so I just sprayed that, too) because I think the new paint’s finish is more matte than the original fireplace finish, so I want everything to look even.


I will keep you updated as we tile! Wish us luck!

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