Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY Lamps Idea

Okay, so lighting is something I don't usually think in depth about. I mean, I got a lovely new ceiling fan for our living room, then we installed some Ikea track lighting, and then I was just done. There's lighting, it's not perfect, but I can see. The end.

Ceiling fan and Ikea track lighting

But then Valerie (who really needs to get a website) told me I need lamps in the living room, because it produces light at more of an eye level -- and just looks cool. And yeah, all of a sudden I am noticing great lamps in all of the inspiration rooms I love.

The catch is that table lamps take up valuable table space, which at our house is usually reserved for laptops and candy.  Valerie and I have a shopping date planned, so I am trying to keep an open mind, because I think I know where she's going with this whole lamp thing, but I could be surprised.

Of course, because I'm a cheapskate and I like getting my own way, I've been thinking about how I could maybe make some lamps - so I could have one floor lamp and one table lamp that match, and hopefully kind of look like two matching table lamps, but really, one is on the floor - therefore saving space for candy and laptops.

And I came across this blog and these posts and I'm totally inspired.
Posts here and here
The blog: Not JUST a Housewife.  Great name, right? Something I'm explaining to people about myself all the time!

I think I'd stick with the scrap wood lamp (not the circles) because I'm lazy. I'd paint them with some nice primer and bold, solid paint to give them a modern feel and maybe hide some of the grain. And I'd make a matching table and floor lamp.

Imagine these gorgeous, bold lamps -- but in the scrap wood style. Yum. :)
image from here

Oooh, and you could purposely cut/stack the wood from largest to smallest, so it'd be reminiscent of stacked books like this:
image from here

Ooh, I am getting more excited about this lamp idea all the time! I'm not sure Valerie knew what she was getting herself into when she offered to "give me some ideas" for my living room!

But I will keep an open mind about buying lamps! (...or will I?)

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