Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Living Room "Befores" Part 2: Fireplace

Unlike, the easy pillows and rug updates, the fireplace is definitely going to be a bigger project.  Here's our living room and fireplace today.  It still needs a ton of work, but it's come quite a long way from when we bought it!

I know everything looks a little off-center/odd around the fireplace, but that should hopefully be evened out and cozy-ed up as we get things in place and in order!

This is what the living room and fireplace looked like when we had our home inspection.

The boards were (are?) a rough cedar, that I sanded down with the belt sander (not fun), primed with shellac-based primer, then painted in these fun stripes for the short term (inspired by a picture I'd seen in Real Simple).

Excuse the lawn chair. :) We didn't have furniture yet.
The current goal is to turn it into more of a traditional fireplace, with drywall above, a proper tiled surround and mantel (also bringing it up to code by surrounding it with non-flammables like it's supposed to be!), and tone down that blinding gold trim.  I'll have to take down those boards (I'm sort of dreading what's underneath them!) before I start the mantel and tile work. But it will be worth it. And hopefully it will look like this:

images from here and here

And maybe I'll put some artwork like Lisa Congdon's Summer Birches above it:

available here
And those red chairs have to be recovered.  I'm thinking something stripey that will give me a fun pop of color. Maybe like this Side-Step Stripe by Waverly?

from here

I also love these chairs!

image from here, chair available here

Oooh, and going back to yesterday's post, here's another gorgeous rug, this time from Horchow. But a Pinterest friend said she saw one like it at HomeGoods! I might be heading out there later this week!

image from here
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