Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rug Option #1

I found this amazing rug at my favorite place, Home Goods.  It's a great rug, plush wool, it's the right size, and it was a great price. The gray seems really muddy-dog friendly. :) If I keep it, it will be installed with the edges underneath the couches, so not as much of the border will be showing. 

Rug option #1!!

It's definitely different than my original inspiration rugs, though it does have the great reds in it.
images from here and here

I feel like if I keep this rug, I am really open to completely changing up my curtains (and curtain plan), new living room colors, and all kinds of new things! Which of course means more work :)

So, do I keep this rug and have fun changing the living room around it? Or aim for something closer to the inspiration rugs? Decisions, decisions... Any thoughts?  Any big decisions you're trying to make right now?
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