Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: HomeGoods

This will be a recurring theme on my blog, I'm sure.  I love HomeGoods. There isn't one really near my house, so whenever I'm out and about, I see if there's a HomeGoods nearby and try to visit it!  There are always gorgeous, high quality things in there at great prices.  And the thrill of the hunt at HomeGoods is...well, thrilling!

Here's just a couple super fun things I've found there.  Like I said, I'm sure this kind of post will be happening pretty regularly. :)

I didn't get this chair, but it was only $299 and I love the amazing pattern! I love that it looks like a club chair but is secretly a recliner!

I did get this blue capiz shell lamp (lamp?) and I have some plans to take it apart and use it to gussy up my dining room chandelier (is it really a chandelier?). For $24.99, it was cheaper than buying the capiz shells separately, and I adore the amazing colors! I'm just as excited to see that project as you are. :)

How fun are these lamps? What great shades, right? Unfortunately, I don't think they'll work in my living room, but if I didn't have a little Valerie (my interior design friend) sitting on my shoulder telling me to keep calm and think things through, I would have had these lamps in my cart immediately. I think they were $40 each or so.

Okay, and how great are these mugs? I love goldfish and this great owl!  Don't they look totally Anthropologie worthy? It took a lot of self restraint to not take these home with me.  So I am owning them vicariously through this blog.

Anyway, let me just say it again. I love HomeGoods!

PS - I do have plenty of TJ Maxx and Marshall's near my house, and I find amazing things there, as well, but oh, HomeGoods. There's no place like Home (Goods). :)
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