Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well, the fireplace is grouted!


Of course, it was more panicky and harder work than I expected, but what hasn’t been on this project? It looks so “finished” and that’s all that matters. I am so ready to get started on the mantel!

Here’s a close up of the Warm Gray grout (before I totally wiped everything down – don’t mind the haze.)


I got help from Valerie in picking out the color – who knew there’d be so many grout color choices! I got the Warm Gray grout from Lowes and I used this grout boost additive instead of water, it’s supposed to eliminate the need for sealing the grout. (Though I might seal it anyway because of the fireplace soot.)


My panic arose from mixing too much grout at once (I wanted to make sure I had the right proportions since I was using that additive, but I should have just gone with my first gut instinct and mixed only half at a time.) and I got about as much grout on the rosin paper as I did in the seams.


I learned that next time I need to pay more attention to my tile spacing and whether or not I should use sanded or unsanded grout.  But it all worked out! So well, that you can see I even took down the rosin paper from the fireplace!


I’m tired, but excited to keep moving forward on this project. I’ve got more boring wall-work to do (I’ll save all these days worth of boring-ness for one post) and then on to the mantel. Woodworking is something I can handle. (I say that now…)

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  1. This is looking so amazing! Love the grout choice. I can't wait to see what you do with the mantle!


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