Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Things I Love Tuesday: Jag Jeans

I used to do “Things I Love Thursday”…but now the youngin’s do “Throwback Thursday”?? I don’t know, but I don’t want to confuse matters and who knows if I’ll actually remember to keep up these posts on Tuesdays anyhow.

So anyway, Jag Jeans. I’m usually late to the party, so I don’t know if everyone already knows about these amazing jeans, but I love them and I want to spread the love.


Let me tell you the best part of being pregnant (besides eating all the cheeseburgers): It was the elastic waist pants. I didn’t want to give up that luxury just because my baby is on the outside now.

And luckily a friend told me I don’t have to.

They look like regular jeans…except they fit better and they stretch. And you don’t have to zip them. (I think Jag makes some zip jeans…who knows why. The “Pull On” is what you’re looking for here.)

You can go get your size and style now at Zappos or Nordstrom and usually Amazon.

Or you can be a cheapy like me and wait for your size and style to come on sale at 6pm.com or Sierra Trading Post. (You can always find coupon codes for Sierra Trading Post, too!) I pay an average of $25 a pair for these babies!

(I got my first pair or 2 on Amazon – free shipping and free returns! Nothing to lose if you don’t like them or don’t like the size. Same with Zappos!)

My favorites are the Paley bootcut (I’ve also got Keller bootcut and like them just fine) and the Nora skinny jean.

You’re welcome.

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