Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our House is on the Market!

So I didn’t really get to talk about this yet, so here it is.

We love our house so much. We love its location – great street, great yard, great area, close to stores, etc etc. We love the house…after all, we’ve been customizing it to our tastes for 6 years now! I love its solitude. :)

But things change, as always. My parents built a great house when I was finishing college, also in a great area, and on a piece of property that’s been in my family for 75 years. (Isn’t that cool? That doesn’t happen a lot nowadays.) My mom doesn’t want to live in that house by herself any more. At first, we thought we’d build her an in-law suite at our house, but when we looked at the costs and amount of work, we started to realize that making some changes at her house would make more sense, and we’d move in there.

It’s going to be crazy. Mom: you and I better get along! But it will be great for her to be near Porcupine. And that house has a lot of great positives, too. A different kind of great location – very kid friendly. It’s a much newer house, so is better insulated, more efficient, etc. We’ll still be doing remodeling projects to fit our new family and lots of fun redecorating! And I get to design and build a whole new sewing room…mmmmmm…I’m sooooo excited!

For now, here are the cool pro-photos of our house that accompany its online listing. (I will update our “house tour” with pictures I take myself!)

 front living 1 living 2 living_kit living_kit 2 kitchen bedroom bathroom 1 bathroom 2 nursery

Don’t you want to buy my house? ;)                  

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