Friday, October 16, 2015

Blogging Reboot!

I’ve forever wanted to blog to just share some thoughts and ideas: things that I’m obsessing over, new things that I’ve discovered, things that I’ve learned. I think if you’re my friend, it will all just make sense to you...and if you’re not, you might just think I’m a little nuts. And really, who’s not?

But blogging is such a crazy place.

It’s so easy to want Pinterest-perfect posts and pictures, because I love Pinterest!

It’s easy to want to share stories and details about my family and my kid, but it’s also easy to be worried that some crazies on the Internet may somehow use the information in some weird, unknown way in the future.

It’s easy to try to want to try to create a blog that will become well-know for a specific genre (DIY, Lifestyle, Women’s, etc) that will please and inspire readers, but it’s also easy to want to just blog whatever comes to my mind, and I’m all over the place!

I wanted to blog to have some fun, share some (of my very opinionated) thoughts, and share some of my experience with projects etc...but then somehow it got “stressful” - with not wanting to post something till it’s perfect, and wanting to make sure the post was “on topic” and “complete,” and wanting to make sure it was not violating my family’s privacy. So then, I just didn’t post. But that’s no fun either! (I mean, plus, I haven’t had time!)

So I want to try to fix all that. I’m going to try a blogging reboot, where I am not worried about Pinterest-perfect and number of views of each post...I just want to chat with my friends and keep in touch with them. What can I say? I love hearing the sound of my own voice…(reading the font of my own typing?) Please excuse any pseudonyms or guarded pictures, etc...that is just my shielding my life a little from the Internet. But otherwise, I think this will be fun!


blogging_freedom! blogging freedom!

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