Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grounder in the Springtime

It may be cold, nasty, and rainy out…but each day, bunnies are being born.  And Grounder thinks it’s his job to chase them.

He gets out, runs around the neighborhood, and comes home soaking wet and covered in mud.


I found him the other day inside our neighbor’s fence. When I called him, he wanted to come to me, but he couldn’t figure out how he had gotten in there, so he whined, sat, and waited for me to rescue him.  I went to their gate to bring him home, but as I was figuring out how to close the gate again, he ran off after another rabbit.  Oh, Grounder.  This is just one of the many reasons you are a pain!


It’s a good thing you are so good-looking.

Oh yes, we have an electric fence. And I love it. But it was somehow not working for a couple of days and Grounder took full advantage of it.  (We’ve since gotten it working again by the trusty unplugging-it-then-plugging-it-back-in method.  And I fully blame Grounder for its not working. I don’t know how he could have broken it, but I blame him anyway!)

When he comes home muddy and wet, I don’t even feel bad about giving him yet another bath! That’s what he gets for running off.

Oh, Grounder.

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