Wednesday, April 24, 2013

AeroGarden Update #3: Things are Movin’

I’m finally movin’ things around here in the AeroGardens!

My little petunia is doing so well, so I figured it’d be a good time to move it in with the big basil.

little petunia is doing well!

(There are tiny sprouts in the parsley and oregano, too!)

To aid the petunia’s growth in the old AeroGarden, I decided to prune the basil down a lot, so I could lower the light.  I forgot to take pictures before I began, but here it is halfway through:

basil being chopped down!

And after they were both pruned…they looked so sad. :)

basil heavily pruned. I hope they do ok!

I hope they continue to do okay! But I was able to lower the light and move the petunia in.

moved the petunia and lowered the light

Then I planted some cilantro seeds in the new garden.

cilantro planted; tiny sprouts of parsley and oregano

Now, here are the two AeroGardens side by side:

the 2 AeroGardens

Here’s hoping everything does well!

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