Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tiny AeroGarden Update

Just a little AeroGarden update.

I’ve got tiny petunia sprouts! They’re hard to see with the humidity in the dome, but they’re there. I’ll be able to take the dome off of them soon, and then when they get a little bigger, move them into the AeroGarden with the basil.


As you can see, I also replaced my empty pods with some seeds to get them started.  I planted Italian parsley and oregano, then I’ll add cilantro when I move the petunias.

I planted the oregano using a “grow anything kit(though when I got it, you could buy just the grow sponges in a “refill kit”, and re-use the baskets and domes that you already have) and some oregano seeds from Menards.

oregano seeds

My basil is doing phenomenally as well. The leaves are getting nice and big!

big ol' basil in the AeroGarden

These guys are due for a pruning, but I’m trying to hold out till I have time to cook. I’m hoping to make a basil-cilantro pesto from my new cookbook, Veganomicon. :)

It may be rainy and gloomy outdoors, but I love that I can still watch my little garden indoors!

How’s spring coming along for you?

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