Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh yes, Potato Soup

So I did get around to making Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Potato Soup.

It was delicious.

And easy.

And wonderful.

(Image via Pioneer Woman: Perfect Potato Soup)

I’ve been experimenting with healthy recipes and/or recipes from scratch – you know, where I know what every ingredient is because I put them in myself. No monosodium poisonate here!

So I made this soup and it was delicious, and I don’t think it was actually that bad for us! There was some milk and a little bit of half and half, but mostly it was vegetables and potatoes and yum.

And because she’s the Pioneer Woman, and referenced hobbits in her post, I made Brian watch some hobbits with me (in the form of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, which will probably result in our watching the other two Lord of the Rings movies) (which have nothing on the books, of course).

                         Thanks Pinterest for always having a picture of what I need.

Any hobbits, potatoes, or soups in your life lately?

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