Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cole’s Birthday Party!

I want to share a few pictures from Cole’s birthday party!

There was a LOT going on – and a LOT of friends and family over to celebrate, so I didn’t get as many pictures of the little guy in his various outfits as I would have liked. I’m sure his parents got plenty, and I’ll get some from them sometime. :) But here are a few good ones:

Cole got a new Radio Flyer wagon that he rode in with his cousins:

Cole in his wagon!

And he posed for me during his little meal after most people left:


What a cutie. He looks so good in his sock monkey bib. :)

His mom, Cassie, had some great decorating details. The house was full of paper lanterns and balloons.

cute balloons and paper lanters

She painted some letters in coordinating colors to spell out his name.

awesome painted letters spelling out COLE

And my “happy birthday” bunting/banner was much larger than expected! But it hung across a big wall in their living room nicely.

the huge happy birthday bunting!

Here’s another angle, because I know you were dying for it.

Happy 1st Birthday Cole!

There you have it!

Happy 1st Birthay, Cole!

(If I get any more pictures of him in his shirts, I will share them!) :)


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