Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aerogarden Update

I haven’t updated you on the Aerogarden lately, because generally everything’s going swimmingly. My two basil plants are huge and so productive! (The one on the right is the first basil plant I ever planted – so it’s been living for over a year now!)

Aerogarden March 2013

I keep pruning it, so it’s nice and bushy – but I have lots of small leaves instead of a few nice big leaves.  I’m working on figuring that out. (I’m thinking another bowl washing is in order.)

And my cilantro has died. :(  It’s never really taken off in this planting like it did the first time.  Not that I’m an Aerogarden expert, but so far, in my two rounds of planting, I have not gotten cilantro and basil to grow successfully together. First, my cilantro was doing amazing, but my basil wasn’t. And now it’s vice versa. Womp womp. :(

So, I’m doing what any normal girl would do, and I’m getting a second Aerogarden! :) Mwhaha! They’re on sale now, and really I’ve been wanting another one, because I love this thing so much. :)

I had planned on growing lettuce, but I’ve been getting it cheap at a local produce market, and one of my friends said it’s easy to grow outside, so I think this second Aerogarden will consist of parley and cilantro.

And flowers!

Love Blooms

Flowers may not be the most “useful” thing to plant in an Aerogarden, but I’m sort of excited to have some pretty color mixed into my gardens. As I discover new herbs I like, I will attempt to grow them as well, of course, but flowers in the meantime seems pretty fun. :)

I hope you’re excited to join me on the next Aerogarden journey! :) :) :)

So, are you going to get yourself an Aerogarden now? :) Or just stick with pots in the window? :)

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