Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Window Shopping at HomeGoods

Here is my secret. If you need a ride to or from Midway Airport in Chicago, ask me and I’ll take you. Because I use it as an excuse to go to the nearby HomeGoods without feeling too guilty. :)

I hope you don’t mind taking these cell-phone pictured window shopping trips with me, because here’s another one.

There were these super-cute Anthro-looking ring holders.  My friend, Ashley, has bunnies, and I’m always tempted to get her things like this. :)


I loved these mother-of-pearl/shiny marble inlaid mirrors.  They could add some fun bling to your house without being over the top.


I feel like HomeGoods always has great accent chairs if you need one.


This Cynthia Rowley bathroom stuff was so gorgeous. I just wanted to get some for fun.


I loved this owl décor – sitting on books! It was a little too big for my mantel, though, so I had to leave it behind.


I always eye these cute dog food containers, and I did end up buying this blue one, even though it was a little pricy for my taste at $9.99 (for a dog biscuit container that I really don’t need! I always feel better when those kinds of things are on clearance). But it was exactly what I’ve been looking for – non-breakable with an easy-off lid and a nice wide opening for easy grabbing of treats.  I hate to make Grounder wait for his treats.


I love wandering around HomeGoods, hunting for specific things and generally just browsing for what’s new and beautiful.  So if you need a ride to/from Midway, give me a call. :)


  1. I LOVE HOMEGOODS TOO! If you don't have a Midway airport trip to make, you could always swing down to Indy and come to my (yes, I'm using the possessive) HomeGoods! I could live there.

    1. Yes, please! Can we make it part of our next trip? Along with our delicious meals?

  2. How sad am I that there is no HomeGoods in Spokane? Very sad.

    1. Very sad, indeed! If one actually came to NWI, I might die of joy. In the meantime, though, I will just keep seeing if there's one nearby anywhere I'm going...but I feel like in Spokane, you don't even have that luxury!


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