Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eric and Ashley’s Wedding in a Bar

I know you are dying to hear the rest of my thermostat tales, but we’re going to take a break for a minute to talk about my friends’ wedding in a bar.

You’ve already “met” Ashley, because she’s the one who guest posted about her amazing faux-granite countertops. Today, her amazing wedding from last year was featured on Offbeat Bride!

Spinny! by Ashley and Eric

I’m taking a break to post this, because I totally made her amazing wedding dress. Let me pause while I pat myself on the back. :)

Also, if you don’t already know about Offbeat Bride, check it out. It’s an awesome website for wedding ideas (with lots of DIY!) from mildly offbeat to wildly offbeat. Plus, it’s an amazing community that’s branched out into home and family life.

You may remember, also, that this is the wedding dress that won me a nice blue ribbon in this year’s Lake County Fair.

Now let’s just look at some more pictures because that’s fun.

Eric and Ashley

Ashley and Eric BW

Okay, fine, so I just posted dress pictures. Check out their featured post on Offbeat Bride to see some other awesome details from their wedding, including ticket place cards, journal-entry guest books, and a cartoon van cake topper!

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