Monday, February 11, 2013

What Color Should I Paint This Cat?

Yesterday, in my photos of the living room, you got a sneak peak of my current attempts at mantel styling (oh wait, there were also sneak peeks here and on Facebook).  I’m definitely still working on this one…playing with frames and accessories, thinking of staining this awesome mirror an ash brown…just normal stuff I like to think about :)


But I think the most important question right now is, what color should I paint this cat?


I’ve had it for ages, and while I was always tempted to paint it, until now, white seemed to work wherever I put it. But now it’s just getting lost in all the other white/beige around it. 

I could put something behind it of course…what do you think? Tack a wall hanging up back there?

Or paint it. Opinions? A fun aqua? Some sort of blue? Gray? Oil-rubbed bronze? Some other color entirely?  Give me your thoughts!


  1. Replies
    1. Ooh! That's a really good idea, Mom! I hadn't thought of a Puppy-colored accent :)

  2. I was thinking yellow... then I spotted your yellow owl and so my instincts were right on. I also like your aqua suggestion.


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