Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

What a year 2012 was! I blogged for a full year, I made over our mantel (including doing tile work for the first time), and just before the New Year hit, I finally fixed a hole in our floor (more on that later.) :)

The four days we’ve already had in 2013 have been pretty eventful for me, too. I rung in the New Year with an impromptu performance of Auld Lang Syne with friends. That was fun.

New Year 2013

I’ve already had a root canal. Not so fun.

I don’t really want to post any resolutions here on the blog, (because if I don’t fulfill them, I don’t want you to make fun of me) :), but I have taken a moment this New Year to step back and make myself a list of to-dos. In the 3 years we’ve lived at this house, we’ve already accomplished a lot of the changes we wanted to make, and we’ve got some big ones for down the road. But in the meantime, here’s what I’m hoping to get done in 2013.

For the blog:
  • Finally create a house tour already
  • Create a couple of other pages that you’ll hopefully find useful and entertaining
Big to-dos that are probably down the road a bit:
  • Get a new roof
  • Create our master bathroom
  • Remodel our current bathroom(s)
  • Add on to the house, possibly starting with enclosed porches/mudrooms
What house-projects I really should focus on in 2013:
  • The Sewing Room – I think I’ll make this my main project. There’s a lot that needs to happen there.
  • Clean out and organize the 2nd bedroom – this is another biggie. It’s currently the junk room, so I’ll just have to create a junk room somewhere else.
  • Finally finish up the details in the kitchen – like cabinet lights and trim, a backsplash, maybe paint the bottom cabinets.
  • Finally finish up details in the living room – like curtains, finishing the last bookshelf, painting the lamps, and reupholstering my little chairs.


What about you? Do you have any resolutions or big projects for 2013?

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