Thursday, January 17, 2013

Window Shopping at Marshalls

Taking a spin around Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods has got to be one of my favorite things to do.  You just never know what treasures you’ll find and what great deals there will be!

Sometimes I don’t really find anything that strikes my fancy, and other times, I find a gazillion things. These are some of the fun goodies I found at Marshall’s a few days ago and snapped on my cell phone.

How about these great bar stools? Blue and only $39.99 each! Too bad I don’t have a place for them yet.

blue bar stool at Marshalls

I also seriously loved all this chalkboard artwork.  It was like Pinterest come to life, and the quality was pretty amazing, considering their mass-produced nature.  They really did look unique and individual.

IMAG0921 h

None of the sayings were quite up my alley, though, so I let them stay at Marshalls.

I did really enjoy this “Row Row Row Your Boat” print, though, too. :)

IMAG0922 i

Again, no kids and no boat or ocean theme meant that I had to leave it at the store.

When I started wandering through the decorative aisles, I found all sorts of amazing accessories.

This clock was right up my alley…sort of industrial and vintage looking.


I loved this little collection of little globes.


And I especially loved this blue artichoke tea light holder. But who needs a tea light when it’s so pretty as is?

IMAG0943 h

I don’t know how or why I was able to leave these things at the store!  (Oh yes, I do. It’s because my Christmas stuff has yet to come down and I don’t want to get accessories like this until I know where I can put them. I guess I’d better do that after I finish writing this post and head back over to Marshalls.) :)

I also found this great metal container. Such beautiful designs. It could make a great planter (with a plastic pot inside?) or just pretty decorative storage.


When I headed over to the kitchen/dining aisles, I noticed that they’ve got the containers I used for my DIY lotion back in stock! Great for gifts, right? The small one (that I bought several of) is only $3.99 and the larger one is only $4.99!

IMAG0939 ih

And one of the more drool-worthy finds was this china by Spode. They’re called Isabella and I love them. Luckily (or unluckily) they only had one place setting – so I wasn’t too tempted to buy them (because I do not need any more dishes).  But of course, I looked them up online.


I’ll tell you though, if they’re still there next time I do, and if my local TJ Maxx also has some, I will take it as a sign that I need to own them.

Have you found anything great while you’ve been shopping lately? Do you ever have the restraint to leave the goodies at the store?


  1. I want/need almost everything in those pictures. ESPECIALLY those chalkboard signs, though I agree that none of them were saying that truly spoke to me. Can we make these?!!?!? SOON!!?!?!

    1. Yes! I fully thought of you and making these. I have been on the lookout for quotes!


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