Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lake County Fair Results!

Not to shabby for me this year, at the Lake County Fair!

Two firsts and a second!

I won a first place ribbon for Ashley’s wedding dress, a first place ribbon for my pink bridesmaid’s dress, and a third place for my blue bridesmaid’s dress.

I also entered the christening dresses I made for my twin nieces and won second place…

Second place in christening dresses

…which is pretty respectable, considering that the first place christening dress also won Best in Show. :)

Just for fun, here are the dresses in action:


At Ashley’s wedding, with her bridal party.

Jax wedding

At my friend, Jacqueline’s wedding. I made the wedding dress, too! :)
(Sorry this one’s not great quality…I’m working on getting the bride to send me higher quality pictures!) :)


At the twins’ christening.

So if you’re in Northwest Indiana, head over to the fair for some cotton candy and fun, and thanks for letting me share the results!

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