Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Windy Sandy

Luckily, for us here in Indiana, the effects of Hurricane Sandy are a lot of gloom and a lot of wind. Nearby Lake Michigan has been experiencing 20 foot waves! But so far the the nuttiness is confined to the actual lakefront, so most of Chicago and Northwest Indiana are fine.  I’ve been spending the morning trying to check up on my friends in New York and New Jersey who haven’t had it so easy!

The wind here is nuts. Our house feels like it’s going to blow away. Our willow tree looks like it’s going to.


The chimney in our fireplace always amplifies the wind noises and is the scariest sounding, but I think it’s just being dramatic. :)  However, speaking of the fireplace, I've finally got some fun updates in that department coming soon! Stay tuned!

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