Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Cuteness!

Halloween is not my favorite time of year. I love it for the mounds and mounds of bite-sized candy, but I hate it for the scariness. I am scared of everything. 

My friend Pam just threw a little Halloween party, however, with the cutest details! I had to share. Cute Halloween stuff makes me happy. (It distracts me from the scary stuff.)

First, here’s Pam and her cocker spaniel, Merlin, dressed up as the Black Swan and an Ewok! :)

Pam and Merlin

Great costumes, right? Let’s just stare for another moment at the Ewok!

Merlin as an Ewok!

I couldn’t get over his level of cuteness.  And she made both costumes herself!

Then, of course, Pam had a great spread, very colorful and all Halloween-themed.

Yummy Halloween treats

Complete with awesome details.

Halloween stickers

(I think she said the stickers were from Martha Stewart!)

And let’s get a closer look at those yummy cupcakes, shall we?

Halloween cupcakes

My favorites were the pumpkin ones with tootsie rolls for stems!

Even her beverages were Halloween-themed.


So fun, right?! More Martha Stewart stickers!


What a fun way to start off the Halloween season! Thanks, Pam!

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