Friday, October 26, 2012

New Short Hair

I cut my hair really short.

short hair style

My awesomely nice friends say it’s chic.  I definitely did it because I am lazy.

Why should boys have such an easy time with their hair? I wanted a piece of that.

It’s an especially big change for me considering that in July 2011 (so just over a year ago), my hair was pretty long.

long hair, just before the big cut

That’s my friend and stylist, Pam, looking through a short hair styles magazine before we did the first big cut.

Since that day, I’ve looked roughly like this:

with my little niece!

And now I look like this:

short hair cut!



  1. I just saw this! Thanks for the shout out haha. I LOVE this haircut on you still!!

    1. Thanks, Pam! I do, too!! Though I think the above pictures are my favorite version...maybe I'll "grow it out" a little...haha what is it, like a half an inch? :) :) :) (Oh I should link to your blog!)


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