Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I did a little pumpkin carving today. I haven’t carved pumpkins in a very long time.

carving pumpkins

I guess I’m still sort of a jack-0’-lantern traditionalist. I’m surprised I didn’t carve both pumpkins with triangle eyes and noses. I must be getting adventurous.


When I was done, I rinsed off the pumpkin seeds in a colander, dried them off a bit, and spread them on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet to roast!

rinsed pumpkin seeds

I coated them with some olive oil and a lot of salt and baked them at 325 degrees for 20+ minutes. I truthfully don’t know how long it was, because I totally forgot about them and went out to the garage to work on the fireplace mantel (pictures coming soon!) and when I got back inside, my timer was beeping. But they came out a pretty golden brown and are oh-so-tasty!

roasted pumpkin seeds
(Thanks, Janis, for the fruit basket!)

And lastly, for laughs, here is a picture of Brandon and me dressed up for a Halloween party last weekend. He was Al Capone, complete with bootleg (well, homebrew) beer and I was Mr. Rogers! Haha, it was a good time.

Al Capone & Mr. Rogers costumes!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! ;)

Happy Halloween!

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