Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Cute Dry Erase Boards!

I was doing errands at Target the other day when I saw these cute dry erase boards in the $1 bins.

$1 dry erase boards at Target

I love that they look like paper! They’re supposed to be for kids to practice their handwriting, but I think they’ll be so cute for lists all over the house! For $1 each. You can’t beat that.

I love that these dry erase boards look like paper!

For grocery lists:

dry erase board for grocery list

For to-do lists:

dry erase board for to-do list

I really bought quite a few ;) and I will be putting them in various places all over the house. :)

And then, I was so inspired by cute dry erase boards to keep things organized, that I took the photo dividers that always come in photo storage boxes, laminated them, and put them in my pantry to label what’s supposed to be behind each door.

making dry erase labels

No excuses for not putting things away in their proper places :)

list in the pantry

An organized pantry makes for a happy lady.

list in the pantry

Kind of cute, right?

So, go to Target and get some cute paper-like dry erase boards!


  1. I love those dry erase boards! It has been far too long since my last trip to Target. I have to introduce Lincoln to that wonderful place soon :)

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