Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Libman Freedom Mop

Yes, I cannot believe I am writing a blog post about a mop.

Libman Freedom Mop

But cleaning is one of those grown up things I have to do, and let’s say you were my friend, and you were saying, “man, my Swiffer wet wipes aren’t cutting it and I just hate dragging out a mop and bucket!” I would say, “Friend, I love my Libman Freedom Mop!”

This is not a sponsored post, but I know it’s going to sound like one!

I do have and love and use Libman Wonder Mops, which is especially good for things like doggie accidents. But I don’t always want to do all that work! Ha!

Enter Libman Freedom Mop.

You can fill the reservoir with whatever you’d like, so in my upstairs Freedom Mop, I have it filled with the diluted Waterlox floor cleaner, and in my basement Freedom Mop, I have it filled with diluted Method floor cleaner.

Libman Freedom Mop

You pull the little trigger, some solution comes out, and you mop it with Libman’s Swiffer-type pad. Let me tell you about the pad! It velcros on and stays on. It has Libman’s amazing scrubbability, and it is so easily washed or rinsed clean. I rinse mine in the sink or with the hose. Done. Nothing to throw away, nothing to waste! And you can buy extra pads in case you’re cleaning a lot.

Done. It stores in a closet on a hook, doesn’t leak, and is ready to go whenever I need a quick cleaning or a big cleaning.

There, I just wrote a post about my love for a mop.


  1. Love that this is a post about a mop! I've never heard of this brand, and am only semi satisfied with my Swiffer Wet Jet... I love that the pad is reusable and that you can fill with whatever cleaning solution you want. So nice! I will definitely be purchasing one of these :)

  2. I was truly sort of thinking of you when I wrote this! Since we are both sort of housewives...err...homemakers. :) Anything that makes it easier and is slightly green, right?


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