Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Sixth and a Half Birthday, Shadow!

Happy Birthday, Shadow!


You’re not photogenic, but you’re my favorite dog ever. Your sweet and great qualities far outweigh your bad ones.


You’re loving and protective, and you’re literally my shadow: you’re always checking up on me, and making sure you know where I am. I love being followed around. That’s part of why I got a dog.

me and my buddy Shadow :)

You’re the doggie UN. You know how to make friends with every dog, and you know how to put Grounder in his place.  (Thank you for living with Grounder, too. I know it’s hard on both of us sometimes. But the reason you’re the sweetest is that I know you actually like Grounder. That makes you a better dog than I.)  :)

Shadow telling Grounder what's up

I’m sorry that you get so hot in the sun, but I find it hilarious that you’d rather lay in a random puddle than continue on our walk.

Hot Shadow in a baby pool

Your hair’s too long, you shed too much, and I’m not sure what you’ll do if you ever actually catch the UPS truck.  But you’re such a great dog, and I’m so happy we adopted you! It’s been a great 5 years living with you! :)

Shadow and Rex

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