Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Waterlox Floor Finish

I just gushed about Waterlox floor finish, in Tuesday’s post about refinishing our hardwood floors.

Our hardwood, refinished with Waterlox

Well, I’m telling you about it again, because I really love it.

No, Waterlox isn’t paying me to post this, but I wish they were! ;)

While you can find all the “real” information about Waterlox at and, here’s why I chose it:

Unlike polyurethane, Waterlox really soaks into the wood and seals it, so the finish isn’t just sitting on top of the wood.  Because the finish is deep into the wood, it’s water-resistant and scratch-resistant (i.e., dog-friendly.  Think: wet dogs, dog mud, and dog-nails), and if you do need to touch up scratches, you can just reapply Waterlox at any time to the scratches or spots without having to sand off the finish first, like you would with polyurethane. You can also add extra coats of Waterlox at any time if you decide you want your wood to have extra protection.  And very importantly, it’s so easy for non-pros to apply and get a great finish.

We not only used it to finish our floors, but we used it on our Ikea butcher block countertops in the kitchen. And if I ever get around to refinishing the scratched top of our kitchen table, I plan on using Waterlox.

Waterlox isn’t maintenance free, but it’s easy maintenance, and no more work than other surfaces. I used diluted Waterlox cleaner concentrate in a Libman Freedom Mop to clean up dirt and mud that the vacuum and Swiffer won’t pick up.


And it looks great.  So there you go. I love Waterlox. :)

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