Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Blue Kitchen Accessories

My favorite color is blue. My friends and family know that I will buy things just because they are blue, and not for any other reason. :) I know this will be a theme on my blog. :)

Here’s some blue stuff in my kitchen:

Blue kitchen accessories

Blue canisters, blue pitchers, blue bowls, blue plates, blue pots, blue platters: you name it, if I see it, I want to buy it. :)

Blue kitchen accessories aren’t always easy to find, however. Red, white, and black dominate the kitchen accessories scene. So when I see blue kitchen things, I snatch them up!

So, imagine my surprise when I saw an entire Joss & Main sale, dedicated to blue kitchen things! I’m only sorry I didn’t see it and post about it sooner!

I love this blue fish jug! I love blue and I love fish!!

blue fish pitcher

But, it’s super similar to my bird pitcher (on the shelves pictured above!) that I got from Anthropologie a while back, and I do have a similar (mulit-colored) fish jug on the opposite shelf…so I guess I do have a little self control when it comes to buying blue things…

I also love this blue frying pan wall clock:

blue frying pan clock

There’s a good chance that this blue serveware is going to be on its way to my house:

blue serveware

And I’m currently debating whether I have room to store this cool blue chip and dip set:

blue chip and dip set


Since the Joss and Main event is ending soon, here’s some other blue stuff I love from Anthropologie:

I have a sort of sickness for latte bowls. You can see some in my cabinets above, and I have some more all blue ones stashed in another cabinet.

blue latte bowls

I’ve got my daily jewelry in this Anthro egg crate:

blue egg crate

I don’t set sticks of butter out, but I want to just to use this butter dish:

tea and toast butter dish


Of course, one day I’d love to find the countertop space (or innovative storage solution) to start making cakes, cookies, and doughs with a blue KitchenAid stand mixer.

blue kitchenaid mixer 

I love blue!


  1. I was at Cost Plus World Market last week and almost bought you this tea pot, just because it is a blue fish :)

    I think it looks even cuter in person...

  2. Oh man, yes! That is a GREAT fish teapot!!! I would want to put it everywhere! Thanks for thinking of me! I mean, this guy might really have to come home to me :) And my sad story is that I've never been to Cost Plus World Market! I see cute stuff from there all the time, in person and online, but have never been. Do I need to make it a priority? :)

    1. Ha :) You might need to make a trip there... They used to have a location in Orland Park, but sadly it closed. So, I think the closest for you would be in Oak Brook. The good news is that it is in the same strip mall as West Elm, which is also one of my favorites :)

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