Thursday, June 13, 2013

First World Market Shopping Trip!

As I mentioned yesterday, over the weekend, my mom and I went shopping and I went to World Market for the first time! It was so so fun :)

I was a little tired from other shopping at eating all this at Maggiano’s:


I have shopped online at World Market before, and my awesome friend Janis has gotten me some cool gifts from there, but this was my first time at the store and I loved it.

World Market

Inside the store:

World Market

Here are some things I loved…  (sorry for blurry photos! I got a new phone and I’m getting the hang of using its camera.)

All the knobs!

knobs! at World Market

The Anthropologie-esque blankets:

blankets at World Market

Chalkboard jars! (And just lots of jars in general) :)

chalkboard label jars

These cool chalkboard labels that seem like they could be used for all kinds of fun…and could be easy to DIY:

chalkboard labels

This seems boring, but I loved their fun colored swag kit/cords for hanging/paper lanterns! Why not have fun cords to go with your fun shades?

light swag cord kit at World Market

I realized that place card holders would be an excellent addition to my “party box” to use for labeling dishes and appetizers:

place card holders at World Market

And I enjoyed their variety of organizational trolleys. I don’t know where I’d put them yet but they seem like they’d be so so cool in a craft room…or really anywhere.

organizational trolleys at World Market

Of course there was much more, but these were my personal highlights. I feel like I am the last person who hadn’t yet been to World Market. Is that true? Do you love it there, too? What are your favorite random things there?

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  1. Fun! I am certainly missing a lot of stores being out here in Spokane, but luckily we do have a World Market here. Love it!


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