Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HomeGoods Shopping

My mom and I had a pretty fun and hilarious day together over the weekend that involved a trip to HomeGoods, a few different Marshalls stores, a nice meal at Maggiano’s, and my first ever trip to World Market. :)

Here are some of the HomeGoods/Marshalls highlights:

We loved all these patterned accent chairs, especially the blue ones :) If only I had a place for them.

awesome patterned accent chairs

They had a pretty good selection of knobs this time…I especially loved these “mercury glass” ones. I don’t have a “need” for them now…but if they had been on clearance, I would have bought all of them! (If someone else wouldn’t have beat me to it, that is!)


I thought this 2-tier tray in the garden department would make a great addition to a craft room…or anywhere you want some cool looking storage/organization.

2-tier tray

I love to look at their throw quilts/blankets, though I usually don’t consider buying them because I could make them myself.  Since I’m really trying to get the living room “done”, though, some of these really tempted me!


I did end up taking home this blue ceramic goldfish (blue goldfish?) Not that I need another blue goldfish in my home…but it was just too perfect! I will get a better (i.e. non-phone) picture of it sometime when I get it displayed somewhere! :)

blue goldfish :)

My first World Market experience is coming up next!

Done any good shopping lately?

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