Friday, May 3, 2013

AeroGarden Update #4

Just a quick AeroGarden update…my little petunia’s doing great!

petunia's doing well and the basil's not too shabby

Much bigger than last post, and that was only what, a week or so ago?  The heavily-pruned basil’s not doing too poorly either. Those plants are putting their growing efforts into making the remaining leaves bigger.  I can’t believe the basil plant on the right is almost a year and a half old!

In the new garden, things are coming along nicely as well.

real sprouts on parsley!

Nice growth on the parsley – the leaves are really starting to take their shape!  Some more visible sprouts in the oregano and under all that condensation, the cilantro has some tiny sprouts as well.

I just love watching these things grow! :)

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