Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Living Room Curtains Done!

*Thoughts and prayers going out to everyone across the US affected by tornadoes and storms.*

Over the weekend, I actually got my living room curtains sewn and installed!

living room curtains done!

The fabric is from OnlineFabricStore.net. It’s by Premier Prints – this one’s Barber Powder Blue Twill.  I ended up getting the lining from Fabric.com because it was on sale and I didn’t have to leave the house. :)

living room

I’m so happy with how they turned out and how the living room looks now. I’m so inspired to keep working on the living room and really finish things off.

On my to-do list are:

  • make/find throw pillows for the couch
  • decide how to re-finish/paint the lamps
  • make some sort of cool gray background art for the mantel…along these lines
  • reupholster the red chairs with already purchased chevron fabric
  • ugh…finish taking the behind-the-couch bookshelf to the ceiling

I also think I’ll be posting some behind-the-scenes of curtain-making, but this whole project was not full of my smartest moments…so an actual “tutorial” might not be what’s coming. :)  But I’m sure I have more to say on the matter of these lovely curtains.

Do you have any projects that have got you all inspired to do more?


  1. Your fabric choice is beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Becky! I am really happy with how they turned out. And the fabric was (relatively) inexpensive - considering how much upholstery/drapery fabric can run!

  2. Love what you did! Thanks again for sharing pics on our facebook wall :) -Abbey

  3. The curtains look great! I am dying to come visit and see all of this progress you have made in real life. (And I know Lincoln is dying to see it all too. He just loves home design ;) )

    1. Haha I'm sure he does! If you ever do get to come visit, I can't wait to meet little Lincoln! :)


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